Research And Developement

Combined with world class technical expertise and international research partners we offer an unmatched construction solution.

Innovation in our DNA.

By adopting a customer centric model and issues face by customer, we survey and investigate on various critical aspects of construction management.

Innovation is a integral part at InteliBIM. Our vison of furture technology wthat are expected to have a major influence in constuction sector and consumers as a whole. Our recent development on VR and MR is all set to provide a unique way of accessing to construction data in real-time and on field. This will enable our customer to increase their ROI in technology. From creating intelligent 3D model and exploring a disruptive technology to making a smart building for IoT,our R&D leaders are always on toes to provide umatched industry solution.We always believe that innovation will always give transformation in the modern infrastructure needed for future demand.

Our Recent development on Mixed reality.